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Peter Stokes of Concord Equity
Peter Stokes of Concord Equity

An experienced investment executive, Peter Stokes leads Concord Equity Group as cofounder and manager. In this role, he guides an international investment and advisory group that manages a broad portfolio in the maritime training, oil and gas, insurance, and consumer debt sectors. Under the guidance of Peter Stokes, Concord has provided advisory services for a range of major transactions, including advising a European theatrical production company leading to a $1.6 billion partnership with a Chinese real estate investment firm.

Mr. Stokes attended the University of Cape Town, where he earned a BA in history, an LLB, and an LLM in commercial law. Prior to his current position, he held a number of leadership roles with financial and legal institutions, including serving as director and shareholder with Frontiers Capital, a private equity firm. He previously served as legal counsel for the Carphone Warehouse Group and as an attorney with Fairbridges Attorneys in Cape Town.

An active member of the field, Mr. Stokes routinely attends professional conferences such as the Global Asset Backed Securities Conference in Barcelona. He also has been invited to serve as a panelist on conferences and presentations related to investment in Africa. Outside of his professional life, he maintains an active lifestyle through hobbies such as cycling, golf, and tennis.